Moving the blog to Eleventy

replatforming ;)
new horizons

It finally happened!

For a long while, I was thinking of moving the blog to some static page generator, so I would preferably write pages in Markdown or some other simple formatting.

But since the rest of my website is in Vue and I quite like it that way as I'd rather have more flexibility when adding more projects to it, I first decided to just move away from Wordpress and write pages in raw HTML.

Because why not.

But since I had some time today and wanted to dig into something new, I moved the blog to Eleventy. Well, I first tried to plug in some Markdown plugins for Vue so I cou;d maybe just write Vue components in Markdown, but that didn't work - so I decided to dedicate some efforts to get me some Eleventy experience.

It also neatly builds as a single project (Vue and 11ty) on Netlify, so I'm glad.