Traject - New Project In The Making



Traject is an adventure planner, route marketplace and safety notifier.


We are aiming to make outdoor activities safer and less worrisome by sharing plans with friends and family, return/overdue notifications, offline route info storage, and a place to get and share route information.


Outdoors are awesome but also dangerous, and when nobody knows where you’re going and when you’re expected to be back it’s equally worrying for both you and people close to you. Precise and detailed route information also greatly helps potential rescue efforts. Additionally, having all the details with you makes you more informed and helps making better decisions.


Traject is an adventure planner, route marketplace and safety notifier. We are developing a platform (web and mobile apps) to help outdoors adventurers stay safe, track and share their achievements with return/overdue notifications to selected contacts, sharing location and route status/results, storing offline route plan and a marketplace to get reliable route details.


I'm a passionate adventurer (climber, hiker, cyclist, runner and alpinist) and have first-hand interest in the project as its future customer, as first of all I want to make my own adventures safer, more reliable and informed. I've been using a set of odd tools such as calendar, Google Docs, written and verbal notes, paper books and so on, and I'd like to have a tool to have it all at my fingertips.


Cairn and MountainHiking Project - first requires paid subscription and provides very limited route details, second has good free route information but no notification. We're going to do both plus tracking and sharing for free, plus a marketplace.

Current state

The project is live in a form of a landing page at, but I'm hoping to get some funds to build it into a real thing - or get some time to do it myself, at least to a somewhat usable point.