This is all about tech. It’s hard to describe, really – because things I’m planning to post here, they’re not connected to any particular subject, scope or kind of tech world. It could be MySQL table structure hint, followed by new action camera review and then notes about flight aboard that trendy Dreamliner. Or a videogame review. Or even something as abstract as “if I were a giant robot in a shape of a cow” thoughts. But it’s all tech, you see.

“Why do we need another tech blog?”, you might ask. And my answer would be “For no reason, you certainly do not”. But I do. This is a storage, really – different stuff that doesn’t fit Evernote, that exceeds simple occasional note form, begs for┬ápublicity, threatens to get lost and wither forever otherwise.

So to summarize and emphasize: I’m a geek and a nerd, planning to push the entropy a tad bit more uphill by littering digital world with mostly useless (to the world) but (sometimes) precious (to me) bits and pieces, shaped in words.

Fin. (not related to a fish)

Oh, one more: if you happen to know Russian, check out my other project, a booze review blog. Cheers!

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