Monthly Archives: September 2015

Space Slaves released!

Well, at least these folks:


are no longer smashing the – not that they did much, but enough to let them off to whatever they fancy under those opaque helmets.

So… it’s been quite a while. Now the aforementioned TripGang hosts these:

  • KML2GPX (convert Google KML mars into GPX or OSMAND-friendly GPX)
  • MapMarks (search and bookmark travel pinpoints)
  • WikiVert (auto-search for all points from WikiTravel-like text/attractions list)

It’s quite curious how things turn out – the initial idea for the resource was completely different (well, who knows, I might get to it some day after all) – but hey, “whatever works”, right? Hopefully these tools (however immature and weak they are) might be useful to someone (and most hopefully to myself).

Well… bon voyage, there’s not much else to say really.