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AnotherTab extension goes wider

AnotherTab, the new tab extension I once built for Chrome, was surprisingly easy to adapt for some other browsers – very easy for Microsoft Edge (because it’s Chromium-based), and less so for Mozilla Firefox (mainly because it doesn’t allow navigation to browser internal pages), but it gave me an opportunity to make code more uniform and robust – and now it’s available in all 3 extension stores:

Install it from Microsoft Edge Store
Microsoft Edge Add-ons
Install it from Chrome Web Store
Chrome Web Store
Install it from Mozilla Firefox Store
Firefox Browser Add-ons

AnotherTab Chrome extension FTW!

OK, the Google Chrome new tab page extension I’ve been (extremely lazily) developing for quite some time is live now! It’s not much, really – just displaying one bookmarks folder (I use “Bookmarks Bar”) and launchable extensions, but that’s what I use the most myself. Oh, and some Chrome shortcuts – like cookies, passwords etc. – too:

AnotherTab screenshot

It’s on Chrome Web Store – but there’s also a separate page to send around: https://www.hydralien.net/anothertab/

Oh, and the code is public, too: https://bitbucket.org/hydralien/anothertab